10 Podcasts for Financial Advisors

Mar 01, 2020

As the consumer market shifts from baby boomers to younger generations who have different needs and desires, advisors must change their business practices to succeed. Advisors also are confronting the rise of robo-advisors and fintech solutions, making the market more complex and competitive then it ever has been before. 

In this environment, advisors must take active steps to understand and meet the new market demands or risk being left behind. To survive, they must understand the latest innovations, younger consumer demands and marketing strategies in order to communicate their unique value. 

That’s why I have compiled a list of 10 top podcasts for financial advisors and industry professionals. Some of these offer ideas for positioning and marketing your services, while others are just good sources of information and analysis about innovation in the financial services industry. Listening while you drive, go for a walk or eat lunch is a great way to maximize your knowledge of the field and optimize your time. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel I have missed one that you think should be on the list. Happy listening! 


Financial Advisor Success

Host: Michael Kitces | @MichaelKitces

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The Financial Advisor Success podcast brings you real success stories and insights from industry consultants and financial advisors about how to take your practice to the next level. In this podcast, Michael Kitces dives beneath the surface of advisory firms and discusses not just the wins and the steps they took, but also the challenges they faced and successfully navigated along the way. This podcast teaches advisors that all advisors face challenges, but what defines you is not whether you experience difficulties, but how you learn to overcome them. 


Fintech Impact Podcast 

Host:  Jason Pereira | @jasonpereira

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The fintech impact podcast takes a deep dive into the recent developments and predictions in the fintech market. Jason Pereira, in this podcast talks with leading fintech entrepreneurs and discusses what they do, how their work has impacted the industry, consumers and competitors as a whole. This is an excellent podcast for advisors to explore the fintech world in detail so they can take relevant insights and strategies back into their practice. 


Becoming Referable

Hosts: Julie Littlechild | @jlittlechild and Stephen Wershing | @swershing

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Like many advisors, you probably find it challenging to sort through and implement strategies to increase referrals. In this podcast, hosts Julie Littlechild and Stephen Wershing share, along with their guests, evidence-based strategies and insights that give advisors actionable steps they can take to engage clients and build a sustainable referral marketing plan. 


Breaking Banks

Hosts: Brett King, JP Nicols, Jason Henrichs, Ron Shelvin and Jim Marous

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The banking industry is experiencing massive upheavals as a result of a loss of trust, rapid consumer behaviour shifts, massive technological change and increasing government scrutiny. In this popular global fintech podcast, advisors will learn about the latest disruptions in the financial service industry and emerging fintech sector. By listening in, hosts @BrettKing, @JPNicols, @jasonhenrichs, @rshevlin and @jimmarous will ensure that you are keeping the pulse on the innovations and changes in the industry to make sure your practice is always ahead of the game.


Breaking Money Silence

Host: Kathleen Burns Kingsbury | @KBKSpeaks

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In this podcast, wealth psychology expert, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, teaches advisors how to cultivate empathy so they can support clients during both rewarding and challenging financial conversations. The reality is, most people keep quiet about their financial concerns, even with their advisors. This podcast discusses the topics that are the most difficult for clients to talk about and teaches advisors how they help them break the silence and feel comfortable discussing with them their deepest money concerns. 


The Automated Advisor Podcast

Host: Brandon Stuerke@stuerke

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This podcast shares advice from influential and inspiring marketing experts in the financial industry. Host Brandon Stuerke discusses different marketing methods for advisors to generate and close more leads and grow their business. By listening in, you will learn about client acquisition, digital automation, leading business strategies, and more. 


Fintech Insider

Hosts: David M. Brear, Jason Bates, Simon Taylor, Ross Gallagher , Sam Maule, Laura Watkins, Sarah Kocianski , Dr. Leda Glyptis, Jeff Tijssen , Ryan Garner, Will White and Adam Davis 

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This podcast discusses the latest trends and developments in fintech, banking and financial services. By listening to the in-depth interviews with innovations and thought-leaders in the field, advisors can learn about the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence, APIs, digital banking and other innovations disrupting the industry. 

Get more insights from the hosts Twitter feeds: @davidbrear, @JasonBates, @sytaylor, @RossGallagher07, @sammaule, @Loella172, @SarahKocianski, @LedaGlyptis, @JeffTijssen, @RyanGarner, @willwhite11f, @Adamd8


Top Advisor Marketing Podcast 

Hosts: Matt Halloran | @matt_TopAdvisor and Kirk Lowe | @KirkLowe

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This podcast helps advisors find their voice, expand their network, leverage influencers and hone in on their niche messaging. You will discover how to become an online micro-influencer and own a niche market to grow your business by business by building quality relationships as opposed to buying unqualified leads. Mico-influencing is an excellent strategy all advisors should consider implementing to improve their reach, engagement and build long-term success for their practice.

Bank on It

Host: John Siracusa | @johnsiracusa

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This podcast discusses some of the most important topics in fintech and banking right now. Each week, host John Siracusa talks with impressive fintech leaders and entrepreneurs about their thoughts on the industry, trends to watch out for and personal successes and challenges. Through these conversations, advisors will uncover a deep understanding of the market that is building the future of the industry. 


Between now and success 

Host: Steve Sanduski | @SteveSanduski

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This podcast brings strategies, tips and tools that the financial industry can use to succeed in their practice, investing and life. By interviewing top achievers and visionary leaders at the intersection of life and business, advisors will learn success stories, tutorials and strategies to grow a company that supports their aspirations and the aspirations of their clients. 


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