Using personalized digital experiences to drive value for high-net-worth investors

Sep 25, 2019

By David Finley

Today’s modern digital consumer expects quick online solutions, abundant connectivity and constant access to their smartphones. While the industry has come along way in providing digital offerings, there is also an increasing need to focus on the luxury-style expectations of high-net-worth (HNW) investors if they wish to attract and service them well. 

So how does the industry create personalized digital solutions that cater to the unique lifestyle needs of HNW investors? To help, I have compiled several excellent articles on how to integrate digital solutions that drive value for wealthy consumers. 

The digital age doesn’t exist anymore 

By Jenny Kvaskova, David Lo and Basel Raslan 

We live in a digital world and investors are no exception to this. The amount of time that investors are spending online impacts the way the advisors need to reach out and connect to clients. Digital is no longer something nice to add to your business plan, but rather a critical component of how to do business. Read more about how advisors should work in this compelling article by Scorpio Partnership.

“Asking a Millennial how much time they spend on the internet makes no sense to them…it would be like asking us how much time we spend with electricity every day.” 

High-net-worth customers seeking personalized omnichannel experiences 

By Dag Olsen of Milestones

“A distinct shift in focus from the utilization of discrete products, accounts, and technology tools to holistic, household-level integrated solutions have emerged across the advisory industry,'' says Dag Olsen. He explains why it’s important for advisors and firms to adopt multiple technologies, data sources and investment platforms and integrate them so as to provide comprehensive and personalized guidance for the benefit of wealthy investors.

High-net-worth investors want alternative investments, technology and improved customer experience

By: Ryan Gunn of Wealth Forge 

Many high-net-worth investors are looking at how to transfer their wealth to their Millennial children who have dramatically different investing preferences. Younger generations often want their advisors to invest in companies that align with their values and they want to interact with advisors online. This article provides you with great insight on how to develop digital solutions that speak to the needs of these soon to be wealthy investors.   

A digital approach to wealth management can maximize future net returns 

By Capgemini

Advisor firms have begun to use analytics to learn about clients’ historical buying patterns, behaviours, and lifetime value so they can offer the most personalized products and services possible. Learn about the benefits of going digital to get a better insight into your clients' preferences and see some real examples of companies using different forms of wealth management collaboration tools. 

Wealth management 2025: Technology will matter, but not as much as creativity, expertise and personalized service 

By Forbes

 “HNW investors are looking for technology not for technology’s sake, but in the context of wanting to make their financial lives easier,” says David Dahl. The degree of customization, specialist expertise and personalized service that a firm can offer is a key differentiator for wealthy investors. Only through a highly advanced and personalized online experience will this demographic get the kind of experience they have come to expect. 

In the age of social media, luxury is an experience that must be felt 

By Gerald Tan

What does luxury mean in this digitally connected world full of social media? As high-net-worth clients expect luxury online experiences, providing this on social media is an area the industry needs to get comfortable with. This article shows how the luxury wool brand, Gifts of King, goes above and beyond in every social media interaction. According to its owner, Loro Piana, “luxury is something that cannot be seen. Instead, it must be felt.” 

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