Why investing in client relationships is more important than ever for advisors

Mar 26, 2020

Right now, you are probably having many conversations with clients about the current situation and their future. Your clients are looking to you for assurance and to provide them with some direction. It’s in difficult times like these that you have an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with clients and show them what you’re made of. 

Dealing with uncertain times is not comfortable for any of us, but as a financial advisor, you must be the leader your clients need and deserve. To help, we’ve compiled five articles providing support on how to best lead your clients right now with the hope of building trusting relationships that will last for years to come. If I have missed any articles you feel should be included, please reach out and let me know.


What your clients really need right now

By Julie Littlechild

One thing we know for sure with the years of research and data points collected is that clients want advisors who show leadership, expertise and guidance. In moments of considerable uncertainty, now is the moment to lead clients, be forward-thinking and show them you understand the reality of the situation from their lens. 

“...this is the time to demonstrate leadership, to be proactive, to ask the difficult questions and to ensure your clients feel you taking them by the hand and guiding them through a difficult time.” - Julie Littlechild 


5 tips for working with emotional clients

By Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Uncertain times are resulting in many emotional clients reaching out to their clients for comfort and direction. The reality is, it's not always easy to work with emotional clients and can stir up some discomfort in advisors. In this article, learn how to effectively communicate with clients dealing with challenging situations, which, when done correctly, is the key to strengthen advisor-client relationships for the long run.


Coronavirus is an opportunity for advisors to strengthen client relationships

By Don Connelly

You are probably having a lot of phone calls from clients who are very nervous about the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on their future financial state. With so much uncertainty going around, your clients need you to be proactive and provide them with guidance. Here’s a great read discussing why there is no time like the present to step up and provide the direction your clients need right now. 

Two things we know with high confidence

By Morgan Housel

There is a lot of information and predictions circulating about the future. But even in the best of times we never can fully forecast what is to come. Instead of trying to constantly update your predictions about what is to come, focus on the things that you know right now that will be true regardless of what happens. Find out what these two things are to support you in your work and personal life in this compelling article by Morgan Housel. 


5 reasons for advisors to differentiate themselves right now

By Matthew Holloran 

Right now, there is lots of information circulating about our uncertain future. But even in the best of times, we never can fully forecast what is to come. Instead of trying to figure out that which you cannot control, we must focus on the few things we know right now with high confidence: our ability to problem solve is about the surge and worry will exceed harm. Find out more to support you in both your personal and professional lives in this insightful article. 

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