Luxury brand and marketing influencers to pay attention to on social media

While luxury brands seem like they are in an exclusive category on their own, there is a lot that can be learned from their marketing strategies.

Luxury brands connect deeply with their customers by delivering high-quality, tailored brand experiences that surprise, uplift and surpass consumers expectations. For the luxury brand customer, it’s not just about the product that they’re purchasing, but the intimate and exclusive feeling that the brand cultivates in them.

To keep on top of latest luxury brand strategies, I recommend paying attention to the branding and marketing influencers listed below. This list is not exhaustive, and shouldn’t be taken as ranking of importance, but rather as a starting point to fill you feed with the top commentary from the luxury space.

20 global luxury brand and marketing influencers

Tamar Koifman | @TamarStar | LinkedIn | Geneva Area, Switzerland
David Sadigh
| @DavidSadigh | LinkedIn | Geneva Area, Switzerland
Gregory Pouy
| @gregfromparis | LinkedIn | France
Alexis Maybank | @giltfounder | LinkedIn | Greater New York City Area
Alexandre Corda
| @AlexandreCorda | LinkedIn | New York, New York
Rachel Arthur
| @rachel_arthur | LinkedIn | London, United Kingdom
Scott Forshay
| @scottforshay | LinkedIn | Austin, Texas
Ann Tran
| @AnnTran_ | LinkedIn | Washington D.C. Metro Area
Simon Gerard
| @S_Gerard  | LinkedIn | Canada
Alexandre Meerson
| @alex_meerson | LinkedIn | London, United Kingdom
Vikram Kansara
| @vikramkansara | LinkedIn | London, United Kingdom
Josephine Ceccaldi
| @josephinelipp | LinkedIn | Paris Area, France
Florine Eppe
| @FlorineBeauloye | LinkedIn | Singapore
R. Danielle Bailey
| @danielle_L2 | LinkedIn | New York, New York
Elizabeth Doerr
| @doerrelizabeth | LinkedIn | Mannheim Area, Germany
Oli Walsh
| @oliwalsh | LinkedIn | Vancouver, Canada Area
Alice Delahunt
| @AliceDelahunt | LinkedIn | Greater New York City Area
Michelle Sadlier
| @shelbyshelly | LinkedIn | London, United Kingdom
Maureen Mullen
| @Maureen_Mullen | LinkedIn | New York, New York
Kirstine Stewart
| @kirstinestewart | LinkedIn Toronto, Canada

Notes on how I compiled this list

The list was compiled using third-party social analytics tools and technology. We focused on individual luxury branding and marketing experts, distinct from organizations, as personal Twitter accounts typically are managed by the individuals themselves.

The list is not numbered, so please do not read too much into the specific order in which the influencers appear. There is value to be found in all of these feeds.

Please let me know if there is someone you follow who is not on this list, but worthy of our attention. Thanks!

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